MCNudes – Lizzy and Eve taking a bath

In the next mcnudes video scene Lizzy and Eve are taking a bath together and these babes are getting pretty hot in there if you know what i mean! They are passionately kissing and licking one another’s boobs before fucking each other with their fingers and at the end of the scene Lizzy gives an amazing orgasm to Eve by licking her sweet clit! Well if one thing’s for sure is that these two babes know how to put on a great lesbian show while they have sex and you will be watching every single detail of it here today. So let’s get to watch this new pair formed by Eve and Lizzy as they get to have their fun with one another in the bath tub all naked shall we everyone?

The warm water was just perfect for them to let loose those inhibitions and care little for anything else but their time with one another in the tub. Naturally, since they were both already naked, you can see their hot and sexy bodies pressed against one another as the two women kiss and caress one another for pretty much the whole duration of this whole show. Well, of course they get to do more too as they can be seen eating each other’s pussies out and getting all touchy feely with one another too. We bet that you will have fun with these two and we will be seeing you again next week with more new and fresh content!


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